The surfskis for rent are intended for experienced paddlers (not necessarily in surfski).

No. Type Rental price (DKK) Status
1 Carbonology Cruze (beginner) 600 Free
2 Carbonology Cruze (beginner) 600 Free
3 Carbonology Boost (intermediate) 600 Free
4 Carbonology Boost (intermediate) 600 Free
5 Carbonology Vault (intermediate/elite < 85kg) 600 Free
6 Carbonology Zest (intermediate/elite +75 kg) 600 Free
7 Carbonology Pulse (elite <85 kg) 600 Free
8 Carbonology Pulse (elite <85 kg) 600 Free
9 Carbonology Swift (elite <95 kg) 600 Free
10 Revo kayaks R2 (intermediate/elite <100kg) 600 Free
11 Allwave Volo (elite +80kg) 600 Free

Soon we will also have some Nelo surfski on the list.

As the weather conditions are not stable (predictable) in Denmark in June, we recommend that you rent a surfski, which you can handle in strong wind.

To reserve a surfski please write to: If the surfski is still free, you will be asked to register and pay for both the race and the surfski rental. The surfski is rented, when we have received the payment.