The race will take place on open waters. Participants take part on their own risk and are expected to be able to reenter their ski in tough conditions. If an emergency situation occurs participants are expected to assist each other.

Webtraking - Navicup - is mandatory and will be used to help ensure your safety.


The following safety equipment is mandatory:

PFD (Personal Floating Device) with a minimum buoyancy of 50N - must be worn

Appropriate paddling clothing - the water temperature will be approximately 14° C.

Leg leash - must be worn and fastened to the surfski.

Charged Smart phone in a waterproof case - must be functioning, attached to the PFD, have the 2 safety telephone numbers coded and the Navicup Webtracking app working.

Smoke flare attached to the PFD

In case of any failure in relation to the mandatory safety demands the participant will be disqualified.

A rescue boat will follow the race and rescue jetskis are ready along the coast. In need of aid you can call on the main rescue safety telephone number (if occupied the reserve safety number).  Assisted participants will be brought directly to the nearest safety station or harbour. As far as possible with the ski. The race organiser and rescue teams do not take any responsibility for damage done to persons or equipment.

Participants under 18 have to be authorised by their parents.

At the info meeting before the race, more safety requirements can be demanded.


Webtracking to help ensure your safety

We will use the Navicup webtracking system - WWW.NAVICUP.COM as a help to ensure your safety. The app can also be used by spectators to follow the race.

You will soon (some of you have already) receive and a username, a password and an invitation to download the Navicup app on you smartphone.

Please find the webtracking instruction below.


Webtracking instruction

  1. You will recive a mail from, with the race name (DENMARK/BOR|NM OCEAN RACE 2022), a username and a password.

  2. You need to download the app and enter the username and the password

  3. Before the race you need to a) turn off power saving mode, b) turn on GPS and c) turn on data roaming as we will be close to Sweden and your phone may catch a Swedish network.