We will be striving to stick to the following schedule:

10:00 Registration at the start site
10:00 Departure of bus and surfski trailer from KKKK
11:00 Arrival at start destination
11:30 Instruction
12:00 Start
15:30 Expected departure of bus and surfski trailer from the goal area
16:30 Back at KKKK
15:30 Prizegiving and sandwich at finish site

Please notice, that you have to arrange transportation back to your car at the start site on your own.

Please notice that you have to load and fasten your own ski with your own straps and be ready to depart at 10.00 o'clock

Please also notice that you have to bring a bag with dry cloth for the bus ride back (unless we finish at KKKK / Bellevue Beach)

If the start is at KKKK / Bellevue beach, the instruction and start will be moved 1 hour forward.